Empathic Behaviour Management day 1 19th February 2024


Empathic Behaviour Management day 1 19th February 2024

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Empathic Behaviour Management or EBM is a way of parenting therapeutically whilst being mindful of managing behaviour. It is a therapeutic parenting method that incorporates the psychological, emotional, and neurological needs of children traumatised by abuse and/or neglect. It does not dodge or skirt around some of the most challenging behaviours we face, and it provides a way of tackling such behaviours compassionately and assertively in the most effective way we have.

EBM directly draws from the PACE MODEL developed by Dan Hughes and compliments Non-Violent Resistance (NVR).

Traditional reward-punishment parenting invites us into a trap when it comes to dealing with the behaviour of children traumatised by abuse and neglect. Many parents and carers assume, that a difficult behaviour must be directly trained out of a child with rewards and punishments and without confrontation those behaviours will continue or even escalate.

Many parents feel that they are failing in their parenting responsibility if they do not take the tough way and risk falling out with their child to discipline them out of behaving a certain way.

EBM encourages us to understand that conflict and disconnection in parenting is a sure-fire indication that it is not working and that we are engaging via coercion and force rather than through connection and strength. Parents still must make unpopular decisions. In EBM we emphasise reconnection (not necessarily changing your unpopular viewpoint) as the priority.

Empathic Behaviour Management is delivered over 5 days – 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th, 28th February.

Please make sure you can attend all five days before booking your place.

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Formby Professional Development Centre
225 Park Rd,
L37 6EW


Start Time

19/02/2024 10:00 am

End Time

19/02/2024 2:30 pm


Dr Kate Siverns


Senior Clinical Psychologist


The Child Psychology Service