Life Story Work (part 2) 21st February 2024


Life Story Work (part 2) 21st February 2024

Katie Wrench is nationally known for her work with Life Journey work, her experience as a foster carer and therapeutic practitioner helps her to convey her message in a clear yet compelling way. Not to be missed

How to support children to build a sense of safety;

The importance of and techniques to promote emotional literacy;

Supporting children to build resilience and self-esteem;

Identity; Information Sharing and integration;

Looking to the Future.

This model is underpinned with the goal to provide children with opportunities to acknowledge the multiple losses in their life and work towards developing an account of their life they can make sense of.

This is a two part course on 7th and 21st February. Please make sure you can attend both dates before making your booking.

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Start Time

21/02/2024 9:30 am

End Time

21/02/2024 12:30 pm


Katie Wrench




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