LGBT Fostering

Fostering with Sefton if you are LGBT

If you are lesbian or gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) you may have the attributes to be an excellent foster carer. LGBT Foster Carers are already a huge asset to us at Sefton Fostering Service.

The number of LGBT foster carers joining our friendly fostering service is growing and they are providing brilliant foster care for children and young people who really need it.

We believe it is your personality not your sexuality that makes you a great foster carer, but your life experiences as someone who is LGBT can make you a real asset. It is also important that as well as a stable, loving home you have a spare room in your home that a child can call their own.

Sadly, many who are LGBT think their sexuality is a barrier to fostering a child, when in fact your life experiences mean you have many attributes that we value when you become part of our team as a fostering professional.

New Family Social, an LGBT fostering and adoption charity, carried out a survey in 2011 that showed 76% of social workers thought LGBT people’s openness to difference in others and empathy towards fostered children were real strengths.

Fostering Network blog by Tor Docherty, Chief Executive for New Family Social points out that growing up LGBT means you can relate to feeling different, like you don’t belong, facing rejection from your family and establishing secure relationships with a non-biological family. The similarities between the life experiences of LGBT people and fostered children are easy to see.

When you become part of our fostering team, we provide excellent training and support packages, which as you learn and develop your skills mean your fostering allowance grows.  It is worth noting that most if not all of your fostering allowance is paid tax free and you may also be eligible to claim working tax credits depending on your situation.

To find out how to become a foster carer, check out our About Fostering page, call our friendly team on 0800 923 2777 or use our online enquiry form