Sefton is joining up with local authorities from across the UK to form a new virtual team for the World Cup with the aim of achieving just one goal, to recruit more foster carers!

26 local authorities from across the UK have joined ‘Local Councils United’, a new virtual team which will share clips for each day of the World Cup highlighting the unique reasons why people should foster with their Local Council.

Football teams, carers, young people and families will all be featured in the clips during the World Cup campaign with the hashtag #FosterWithYourCouncil2022

Councillor Mhairi Doyle, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care said “We are so proud to join forces with local councils across the UK to raise awareness about fostering and encourage people to think about taking up such an important role.

Fostering and football unites people and communities so we wanted to take the opportunity to come together as a fostering community, to emphasise the reasons why people should foster with your local authority.”

The campaign will kick off on the 21st of November with Northumberland County Council.

Sefton’s video, which will be shown on 3rd of December, features some of our fostering families at an Liverpool FC Football Camp brought to Sefton in partnership with our Leisure Services.

Ginny has been fostering for 20 years and came along to the football camp with her two foster children and her daughter Maddie. Ginny said: “We’re so happy to be part of this campaign to highlight the amazing difference a foster carer can have on a child’s life.

Football plays a big part in our family as it gives us that time to sit, watch the game and talk about tactics or anything else. When a child or young person in foster care likes football, it really helps them to come out of their shell as we can all chat about a shared passion. They begin to bond as they’ll go out and play with the other children and it just helps them forget about other things that maybe going on in their lives.”

Sefton Council’s Fostering Facebook will share each video every day so please follow @Seftonfostering.

You can watch all the videos from the 26 councils by going to the Local Councils United webpage