The story of Tilly (7) and Thomas (4) is a heartwarming case where fostering ultimately leads to adoption and a permanent, happy family life.

They are sister and brother and are very close. They and and their four siblings came into care following concerns about their safety and neglect of their basic needs. However at first it was not possible to place them together. Tilly becomes very anxious when she is not with Thomas as she was used to looking after him at home.
Tilly and Thomas moved into Mark and Joan’s house in late 2015. They cared for them for a period of almost a year while it was agreed that they should be placed for adoption and a suitable match found. Mark and Joan initially focused on helping the children to allow adults to care for them. Tilly could be possessive of Thomas but with encouragement was able to enjoy helping Mark and Joan in other ways and begin to have some play time for herself.
Mark and Joan also helped prepare the children for their adoptive placement by talking to them about their new family and supporting the introductions process in their home.
“We are really happy because we got our new Mummy and Daddy.’

Mark and Joan – Foster Carers
“We had our babies young in our early twenties.  I love looking after children and I wasn’t ready to stop. We have three of our own children and the house is already geared up for children. We saw the adverts and realised that even though we are still quite young we have got a lot to offer.”
“I have run play groups at our local church while my children were small and enjoyed looking after children and planning and the organising side.”
“We don’t have a spare room now so we have offered to take babies. We have had some really good experiences where we know the care we offered in those crucial first few months has really helped a child to settle in to their new families. When Diane and Jack  (adoptive parents) came to our house they were so nervous. We knew it was our job to make them as comfortable as possible. ”
“Seeing children move on and knowing that we have had a hand in turning their lives around is the best thanks you can get’


Diane and Jack – Adoptive parents
“We are absolutely delighted to be sharing our lives with Tilly and Thomas.  After ten years of being together we were well ready to be parents and our parents were ready to be grandparents.”
“The assessment was a bit intense at times but it was so worth it.  The ‘stork’ didn’t arrive but because of fostering and adoption our children did. It put an end to that craving we had”
“Mark and Joan were absolutely amazing. They said to us when we first met that they would help us to make the change for the children as natural as possible. Them being there in the background to give advice helped give our confidence.”
“Mark and Joan and their kids did a brilliant job. It is not plain sailing for us as the children had a lot of experiences at home and some of them linger. But Mark and Joan gave us a head start”.